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At Hazelwood Homes, we hold social and environmental responsibility close to our hearts. We are committed to doing our part to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in three key ways: constructing sustainable and resilient buildings utilising local materials; supporting the provision of adequate, safe and affordable housing for people in need on the Mornington Peninsula; and, optimising opportunities to reuse, recycle or reprocess building waste.

Constructing sustainable and resilient buildings utilising local materials

We have done extensive training and research so we can provide our clients with local, sustainable and healthy alternatives to commonly used building products. This means that clients have the option to take their home’s impact on people and the planet into their own hands. And, ultimately, Hazelwood Homes and our clients will be contributing to more sustainable and resilient buildings in the Melbourne metropolitan region.

Supporting the provision of adequate, safe and affordable housing for people on the Mornington Peninsula

We provide a proportion of our profits each year to a local organisation focused on the provision of social housing. This helps to ensure that the organisation can meet its goals and, ultimately, it will result in adequate, safe and affordable housing on the Mornington Peninsula. Visit our Social Impact page to find out more.

Reducing adverse environmental impact, especially building waste

We are on a journey to divert as much waste from the building process away from landfill as possible. We have partnered with Möbius Materials Recovery to implement a waste management system on our building sites which will track the amount of materials sent for reuse, recycling or reprocessing. Over time, we hope to optimise the amount of building waste that can be reused, recycled or reprocessed.