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We love to firstly meet with our future clients during this stage to foster an early relationship so we are all working towards the same goals over the course of your build.

Depending on what stage you are at, we can offer two versions of an estimate and two different price points:

  • Based off town planning drawings only, an estimate is prepared using assumptions on m2 and lm rates of specified materials. 
  • Based on a fully documented job file including working drawings etc, a detailed estimate is prepared including all aspects of the scope. 


Depending on the scope and value of your project, we offer two different contract options.

  • Fixed Price Contract – as the name suggested is a fixed sum we agree to complete the scope of works. This will often include a number of Provisional Sum amounts which are unable to be determined at the time of signing the contract. Any variation to the scope by builder or client will see a Variation raised and accepted prior to any additional work commencing. Invoices are raised at the completion of each stage as agreed in the contract, e.g. Deposit, Framing, Lock up etc.
  • Cost Plus Contract – this contract allows for an open agreement between us the builder and our clients. We will still provide a detailed budget estimate (which is used as a benchmark and tracked against during the build) and all expenses will be passed directly onto the client at cost with an agreed margin or builders fee which is paid at each milestone of the project. 


By far our favourite stage, when we actually get to begin building!

We only use exceptional trades and suppliers whom we have great working relationships with. We love to create a positive experience for everyone on site and that is enhanced by the people we choose to work with.

We’ve also invested into our software, Buildertrend, that includes a client portal where we can share our schedule, site photos, contract financial summary and more. It’s important to us that our clients are immersed into the process.